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Child and Youth Formation Programmes

 Formation of Smart groups

Formation of Youth groups and Youth  awareness programmes

Ø       Knanaya Stars development project

The project is to enhance quality leaders in all possible fields from the Knanaya Catholic Community so that a Knanaya Stardom shall be evolved in the future with the  objectives. The programme is funded by Mr. Thomas Kanjirathinkal and family, a NRI Knanite family in USA.


Formation of village Development Committee

MASSS has formed Grama Vikasana Samithi (GVS) in each village with MASSS local unit members and the representation of self-help groups. This GVS is responsible to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate each and every developmental activity concerned to this village. The GVS members will meet together once in three months and monitor and evaluate the on going programmes and formulate action plan for the coming months. President, secretary and animator will administer the day-to-day functioning of the GVS. At present 32 Grama Vikasana Samithies are functioning in Malabar systematically under the strict supervision of MASSS.


 Sponsorship Programmes


Family sponsorship programmes

Aged supporting programmes

 Eco Friendly Agricultural Practices and trainings


Organic farming


Vermic compost



 Formation of agricultural Nursery



  Promotion of group farming




 Seed bank



 Multi cropping system



 Promotion of kitchen and herbal gardens


 Formation of cooperative societies for creating marketing linkages for small scale producers


 Formation of Farm clubs



 Housing and Infrastructure development


Low cost houses and latrines



 Smokeless chula


 Community Health Programs


 Medical Camps



 Ã˜       Training to rural health workers


 Ã˜       Awareness programmes( AIDS)


 Ã˜       Health awareness


 Ã˜       Medical assistance to poor



 Ã˜       Sex education


 Ã˜       Promotion of using herbal medicines



v     Education

 Ã˜      Scholarship programmes

 Ã˜      Professional education

 Ã˜      Pleasure trips, tours, exposures, sports and games etc.

 v     Non formal Technical Training

 Ã˜      Industrial training centre

 Ã˜      Tailoring units


 Ã˜      Special trait training at Pratheeksha Bhavan


v     Emergency relief


Ø       Aid to victims of unforeseen natural calamities and human disasters



v     Social welfare programmes

Ø      Programmes against social evils

Ø      Marriage aid

Ø      Promotion and up gradation of social utility devices

 v  Human and institutional development programmes

Ø     Personality development course

Ø     Human resource development course

Ø     Staff training

Ø     Senior citizens get together

Ø         Reaching out to widows, orphans and handicapped












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