Various SHGs

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Malabar Social Service Society believes that sustainable development could be achieved only through people’s participation and involvement. By realizing the above factor MASSS has started various people’s organizations in line, and they are;

  • Farmers Self Help Groups
Development programmes in agriculture and related areas are initiated among the small and marginal farmers with the intention of developing sustainable income and stable future. Through agricultural seminars and trainings, we are initiating the farmers to attain sustainability. We formed farmers clubs for the people who are interested to take up sustainable practices and implementation of training programs to enable farmers to acquire skills and attitude that are necessary for farm work.
  • Artisan Groups 

For ensuring the welfare and  better life of the artisans it could initiate group activities. There are a number of artisans Self Help Groups functioning in the area  that are affiliated to MASSS. These group works enabling us to avail governmental services and schemes to the artisans in a better way. 

  • Women’s Self Help Groups
Women are to be considered as neglected or marginalized in every community. They seldom find opportunities to develop their talents or make their voice heard. The participation of women in development has increased over the years. Still there is a lot to go so as to bring considerable changes in life and status of women. The role of women in the decision making process, as well as in other walks of life has not significantly improved due to many reasons. The purpose of women in development activities of MASSS is to enable the women to access to resources, information and power and thus facilitate gender balance in the socio- economic and political life. All the Women Associations are independently registered and affiliated to MASSS. Women’s leadership and advancement have been upper most in our plans and we have had many programs related to it. Our women Animators organize various women groups in rural villages. They take time out and go to the villagers to animate them and their activities. It is creating ripples of change in the society at large. Empowerment of women is our primary concern. So MASSS create opportunity and platform for rural women to come together and express their concerns.
  • Smart Group 
The goal of ‘Smart Group’ is to make all children smart i.e. smart in every walk of life. In every weekend gathering and special trainings are arranged to develop their inborn talents. We also arranged tuition classes for primary and secondary school children who are members of these groups. Main activities are tuition classes, awareness programs, value formation, recreational programs, pleasure trips, charity works etc...
  • Senior Citizen’s Group
Today Senior Citizens are isolated and are not properly cared for due to the selfishness or man’s greed for wealth. By sensing this factor MASSS took up the initiative to start welfare programs for the aged people of Malabar by organizing self help groups. By the formation of Senior Citizens Group we intend to give mental and physical relaxation to them.
  • Youth groups
The youth is the period of stress and distress, yet they have enough energy to create a new world. By recognizing this, MASSS has been concentrating its attention towards youth to divert their competence for the development of community and society. Activities like scholarship, vocational guidance, vocational training, workshops, seminars, camps etc. are being planned and implemented for their development.
  • Empowerment of Tribal women through SHG's


Tribal were the most disorganized, exploited and degraded population in the society. In tribal area economic opportunities for women are scarce while hardships are plentiful. Women often see little hope for themselves or their children to improve their future. Knowing this pathetic situation and their helplessness MASSS started to work for their upliftment and well being. There are number of tribal women self help groups for their social development like regular group meeting with fixed agenda, awareness generation program, training, health seminar, medical checks up, etc

  •  C.B.R. for Physically and Mentally Challenged

Bringing the challenged persons (both physically and mentally) into the main stream of the society is also a functioning area of MASSS. As we focused on Community Based Rehabilitation (C.B.R.) the family and the society are now changing their mindset to have a positive attitude towards them. We help the disabled to do their basic needs by themselves.